We want our children to have the very best education and leave Makarora School with the knowledge of how to learn and the desire to do so. We acknowledge that all children have the right to be taught and the responsibility to learn. We want children who have the skills to live life to the fullest in the wider world, to accept challenges, to take risks and manage change successfully, and have inquiring minds.

We think it is important to present the children with many alternative views to allow them the opportunity to make informed choices in life. We believe that it is important that children learn to accept and appreciate difference and diversity in others. We want the children to be comfortable in a bi-cultural world. 

We are  located in a unique environment and we want children to respect and understand that environment, and the wider world, and accept responsibility to protect the planet and her resources for future generations to enjoy. 

We believe that it takes a village to educate a child and that it is a shared responsibility to provide quality education for our children. We want the children to have highly qualified teachers, who work to establish a community of learners, encouraging children to accept responsibility for their own learning.